Whatever you cannot imagine...we can...

Multimedia collage

Look at me with my pretty bracelet!

Different kind of bracelets with various materials. 

It' s all Greek to me...

Products that are created with our Greek heritage in mind... 

  • About Us: Hey all! I am Christiana, a mom of three beautiful daughters, an actor, a photographer, a crafter. A Greek that lives in the United States. I love creating handmade products using mixed media. I am inspired by anything that is around me and above all I try to maintain the curiosity and the imagination of a child within me.

  • I am excited that I finally own my online shop and I am looking forward to sharing my arts and crafts with you. Every product is made with love and I definitely am emotionally connected with them, as I have spent time to give them life. I hope you will love them as I do.

  • Craftastic is my fourth kid and my personal bet that a mom still can be creative, still can work, still can dream. Elbert Hubbard said "Art is not a thing, it is a way". I truly believe that. So this is my way! For whatever you cannot imagine, we can.

  • I will be more than happy to send you one of my products... or two... or three... or even more!

  • With immerse appreciation... Yours, Christiana